Experienced Professionals Focused On Delivering Results

CoreUs is a Melbourne based team, we combine decades of corporate experience in negotiations with proven research-based behavioural models to achieve better performance.  With decades of experience working and negotiating in multi-national organisations, our core belief is that Negotiation Effectiveness is intrinsically linked to the strength of the Connection and Relationship with the people we are negotiating with.

We believe in applying methods built from solid research foundations.  For CoreUs, The Process Communication Model (PCM) and the Leading Out of Drama (LOD) Models are the most comprehensive research-based models in the market for understanding personalities and behaviours, and building those strong Connections and Relationships.  The strength of these models are also in its ease of application into everyday lives.

Why CoreUs

Decades of Corporate Experience

The CoreUs team brings a working application to the engagement. We understand the challenges faced by corporate teams as we have decades of experience working in large multi-national organisations such as General Electric and Motorola. we are not career coaches, but we have the experience of performing in regional roles including project management, sales, marketing and commercial management

Diverse Backgrounds

The CoreUs team appreciates the challenges of working in large, complex multi-national organisations. We embrace diversity and understand different cultures. We have had the opportunity to work and live in many countries around the world, such as Malaysia, North America, China, and Australia to name a few.

Right Personalities and Right Attitudes

The CoreUs team is dedicated to achieving results. We have held result-oriented roles in our careers, and understand the importance of achieving goals. We have the right experiences, the right personalities and the right energy to help you and your teams improve performance and motivation, and to get the best results for your business.

Negotiations And Communications

Providing Leaders With Skills And Techniques To Be Effective Negotiators and Communicators

  • learn the unique communication styles, behaviours and strengths of each personality to build better connections during Negotiations
  • understand the different behaviours, words, patterns that each person shows when in a positive frame of mind, or when in distress
  • recognise the communication patterns of negative conflict and negative behaviour early
  • In the heat of Negotiations, react correctly to each individuals communication styles to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time
  • use the right words, tones, behaviours for each different person to ensure your position and message is heard
  • react correctly to negative conflict situations and negative behaviour during Negotiations by using the right techniques to bring people back into a positive conflict scenario
  • engage better with individuals and teams during Negotiations through clear awareness and understanding of the persons you are negotiating with
  • utilise the right skills to energise and motivate the persons you are negotiating wth through communication to get the best results
  • engage correctly in negative conflict situations, and use the right techniques to bring the situation back into a positive conflict scenario