Tired. Exhausted. Anxious. Hopeful? These are some of the words used by the doctors and nurses in Melbourne who attended the virtual Conflict and You: Basics of Compassionate Accountability workshops conducted by the team at CoreUS over the past month.  The workshops introduced Next Element‘s Compassionate Accountability model and skills to these healthcare professionals, to help them manage conflict, and to help work more cohesively and collaboratively to combat a common enemy.

These concise 90-minute Conflict and You workshops for healthcare professionals were delivered as a way to help our frontliners manage the hard conversations and increased conflicts that they would potentially experience during this tough time. The workshops introduced a subset of the concepts and skills typically covered in a full-day Leading Out of Drama course, giving participants the basics such they would be able to apply it immediately following the session.

Amidst their busy schedules in preparing for, and fighting, Covid-19, these resilient healthcare professionals are readily carving out 2 hours of their precious time at night or over weekends to attend these workshops. This is a testament of their dedication and commitment towards the cause. And its because of this dedication and commitment that I too feel Hopeful!


Note: Special thanks to Next Element and the team in the US for enabling this to happen.


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